9 Modules Fatca


Fatca Compliance, The 9 Modules Fatca created by Boetie Conseil


With 9 Modules Fatca Boetie Conseil offers you a complete package to help you implement Fatca in your establishment and be in Fatca Compliance.

Fatca compliance is essential


We have been following this file from the outset, for proof look at the site


We also intervene at all levels to achieve or support you in the implementation of Fatca

Since 2020 the IRS has decided to crack down and all bankers who have not fulfilled their obligations (Certifications, Triennial Renewal, Sending of Reporting ...) see their GIIN revoked from official public lists and their access to the IRS console. blocked

If you are in “Terminated Agreement”, we can advise you to put together the complete recovery file for your GIIN

We can also assist you in regaining your access to the IRS console if passwords are missing


But also :


Get from your GIIN

Become a Compliance Officer (training finalized by a diploma)

Document accounts

Calculate and send your annual report

The specialized PROGEST database FATCA, OCDE EAR for the complete and detailed follow-up of customers and colleagues according to all Fatca and OECD criteria for easy reporting

Look for clues of Americanity



9 Modules Fatca

Setting up Fatca


Fatca and Qualified Intermediary Compliance 8 tools


  The 8 Boetie Conseil tools are broken down into as many different modules that can be adapted according to your compliance needs. This formula is fully scalable, both in scope and over time.

This offer is aimed at Banks, Insurance companies, Mutuals, Management companies and UCITS


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Fatca compliance 8 tools broken down into:



Module 1 Training


9 modules Fatca



Access to all our general training courses on Fatca and the possibility of creating tailor-made ones for you according to your specific needs. (List below)


Fatca Initiation and French IGA1 Setup


Half-day seminar to present the reform and raise awareness among staff not directly impacted:


The work to be done

The organization to be set up

New Compliance Needs

How to get registered with US taxes

What reporting to carry out

The deadlines to respect



Module 2 Hotline Fatca


A number to contact for any theoretical or practical questions about Fatca.

Credits are valid for 1 year.

1 credit for each question

Supplied in sets of 5, 10 and 25

Question asked by email with identification number.

15 min maximum response per question

(Our speakers are subject to a confidentiality clause)


8 Fatca compliance modules



Price: on estimate


Module 3 Drafting of Ethical Procedures


Conception and writing of a Fatca reference book: what is Fatca, what duties, what implications, what principles to respect

Design and production of tailor-made FATCA reference books for each position adapted to your organization and your specific characteristics: How to comply with Fatca's obligations in your activity of opening an account, paying coupons, trading, etc.

Procedure to be followed according to the different scenarios (litigation, risk prevention, concrete procedures to be followed during an incident, etc.)


Module 4 Control Audit


Blank audit to check the organization put in place, your processes and reference books.


Control of documents required on account openings, bases and passthru payment calculations ...


Price: on estimate


Module 5 Training


Specialized training for each workstation: Account opening, cash register, coupons ...


To choose from our various existing seminars

8 Fatca compliance modules

GIIN and Terminated Agreement Recovery


Price: Inter-company (click here)


In your premises, on estimate


Or creation of specialized seminars in your premises or in ours for specific functions or on your particular needs on Fatca

Price: on estimate


Module 6 Regular support from your Fatca implementation team


We provide you with a qualified speaker on your premises, per day or half-day.

This regular support is provided per week or month according to your needs at your convenience.

8 Fatca compliance modules

Fatca Compliance Review


Price: on estimate


Module 7 Realization or support for your registration or request for approval from the IRS, Models of tax forms to be provided by you or your clients


For bank, insurance, mutual, management company, UCITS, FCP, subsidiary ...

Price: on estimate


Module 8 Teleconferences and tele-training for our most distant customers NEW


Price: on estimate


Create your custom pack, according to your needs.

This formula is scalable and allows you to have access to Fatca specialists on the theoretical part as well as on the practical part.


Module 9 Our "Fatca Easy" customer and colleague database NEW


In 2019 the 8 modules become 9 with Fatca Easy


It allows you to follow all the fatca and OCDE DAC2 criteria for each client: residence, green card, passport, the 7 indices of Americanity, the presence of valid documentation, etc. and which ultimately determines the status of each one, reportable or not.


Progest Fatca and OCDE DAC 2 software package follow-up of customers and determination of reportables


Multi-user software package under Access


9 Modules Fatca

Fatca setting up by coercion


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