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Our Motto: Solve problems before they develop in the business

Our But: Customer service.

Thanks to the best training, you will allow you to remain the most efficient and effective despite the continuous evolution of our economic and regulatory environment. Training is the most profitable investment for a company.

Boetie Conseil approved by quality decree 0066495
A constant quality approach:

We of course meet all the legal requirements of the quality decree of June 30, 2015 We are already applying.

Funding by all OPCAs and training funders is therefore possible
Our goal: Customer service

Boetie Conseil allows you, thanks to the best seminars and training, to remain the most efficient and effective in the face of the continuous evolution of our economic and regulatory environment.

Training is the most profitable investment for a company

                                                                   The future is not waiting, it is preparing


We follow your news, this is how we own the site because this file has raised our awareness from the outset.

Boetie Conseil is a training organization registered under number 24 45 035 43 45 with the Prefect of the Orléans Region and meeting the criteria of the QualitOur company decree with the C.N.I.L declaration number 1 485 853


Emmanuelle Hugonin 53 years old
CEO of Boetie Conseil

With an economic background, business law and European law. Has been CEO of design and engineering companies for financial products (regulated profession) partner of large banks (Crédit Agricole, HSBC, LCL) as well as IT engineering companies

We have thus been able, through a quality approach and tailor-made training, to attract a clientele of quality financial institutions on current and technical subjects.

Our aim is to provide concrete answers to your practical questions. Our trainings and seminars are illustrated by exercises and examples taken from your daily practice and current events


Our Speakers:


Director - IS
He started in 1999 and has experience in Asset Management, Capital Market, Risk Management and Quantitative Analyst (BNPP and SGCIB).

First a market operator then manager of the fund of funds, he then moved towards quantitative analysis. Since 2006, he has experience in professional training and academic education in market finance (IONIS School) and quantitative finance (ENSAE, Dauphine). In addition, as a member of the scientific council of the CNAM market finance master's degree and conference organizer, he contributes to the exchange of ideas and to the understanding of the issues in market finance. David is also the founder and honorary president of the Plain Vanilla association. As such, he manages a network of 200 members in market finance.

David is a graduate of the CNAM & ESSEC Market Finance Master and the Probability and Finance DEA from Paris VI (El Karoui).


Boetie Conseil SARL Capital of 26,190 EUR 751,978,754 RCS Orléans

Owner of the Boetie Audit and Boetie Formation brands

Sites :

All our employees are bound by a confidentiality clause

Training organization registered under N ° 11 91 06 746 91 with the Prefect of the Ile de France region

(This registration does not constitute approval of the state)

Headquarters 74 rue Nationale 45600 Saint Aignan le Jaillard

C.N.I.L declaration number 1 485 853   Share capital 26 190€


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