Consulting and Ethics



Consulting and Ethycs


We are a team of finance and IT professionals with both entrepreneurial and operational skills. We offer audit expertise in the areas of

1.    Taxation

2.    Markets

3.    Software Package

1 Taxation





Qualified Intermediary


American taxation is the heart of our ethical activity

Opening customer accounts: KYC rules / The proof

The audit of the identification of US and non-US Person with treaty and without treaty is essential: international treaties. US Person indices

Identification of US income and its tax category

Monitoring of IRS supporting documents: W9 W8-IMY 1042S ...

Annual declaration and consistency of 1042S

By whom to have an on-site check processed: QI / FFI managers

Client statements

Policies during an inspection: Justifications for documentary discrepancies and deficiencies, the role of dialogue

The Stock Exchange Tax Audit by Boetie Conseil seeks to improve your Processes vis-à-vis the American tax authorities as QI but also FFI (Foreign Financial Institution) within the framework of FATCA and HIRE ActConseil et Deontologie Fatca CRS


Tax recoveries through international conventions

Consulting and Ethics helps reduce your risk of a fine from the American tax authorities (IRS) for non-compliance with QI (qualified Intermediary) obligations

Create a tax documentation policy for accounts: KYC CNI 1042S W9 international treaties

Write and implement your ethical procedures to be QI or FATCA compliant

Perform mock tests and audits to verify your compliance with FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) standards that must be observed by a "Foreign Financial Institution" (FFI) or an NFFE according to American HIRE law

To check our involvement in the implementation of FATCA, therefore type


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2 Stock Exchange and Finance


The securities sector as well as the taxation of securities are our core target for the stock market. We can :


enable you to make processes more reliable and improve and especially to limit the financial risks in the Back-Office's processing of Corporate Actions, we can, after an on-site study by your Title Operation department, make recommendations on:


The audit enables reliable monitoring, verifications, responses and filing of files

The quality and cross-checking of the announcement and description information of the operations

Improved organization for more efficient or more secure and better distributed work

Recommend training for some of your operators

Automation of certain tasks

Achieve tax and organizational optimization thanks to a relevant policy for opening your securities accounts and tax declarations with your foreign depositories.


Consulting and Ethics allow you to check your processes and organization on Title Transactions (OST) with the dual aim of reducing operational risks and improving the distribution of tasks and communication on the sensitive activity of Corporate Actions.


Advise on tax choices and recovery systems for France and International Taxation of securities.

Consulting and Ethics allows us to present to you the comparison of the different possible architectures for the recovery of withholding tax and withholding tax for the French as for non-residents according to international conventions and the different tax systems with their advantages. and their disadvantages

Consulting and Stock Market Ethics

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3 The Software


We create tailor-made software packages, for example for


monitoring and ensuring the reliability of corporate action files

the automation of the recovery of files from your suppliers in your accounts

a database for the follow-up of the documentation obligations of your customers and colleagues for Fatca or CRS with the categorization of the customer

Financial software consulting and ethics


For the Stock Exchange Tax Audit by Boetie Conseil do not hesitate to join us at

06 86 18 27 77, or by email we remind you that all our stakeholders are bound by a confidentiality clause.


Consulting and Ethics