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Fatca Problems?

We reactive lost GIINS and agreements or create your GIIN

Lost passwords? We givr you agaiin access to your FIRE consol in IDES

We calculate and send your annual reporting to IRS, and much more

 Regularisation of bad GIIN category. Update banks datas processes and redaction of a new documentation in conformity with Fatca





Process Fatca in a Bank or  Insurance



Book for Fatca process by function

Juridic Protection

Group Structuration

 We give you all the positive or negative avantages of your process options





Our Software packages


For Fatca we have an Access program to check on each customer if the Fatca control is done

Realize an automatic classification in the 34 fatca categories

Determine the customers to include in the annual reporting to IRS.

Call us for more details


We have Your Solutions

As bankers we know perfectly the difficulties of Fatca in the daily job

Each FFI have its specific history. We select the taylor-make solution the best suited to your particular needs.

Our Fatca packs are a solutionare a solution that allows you to focus on the heart of your business, customer knowledge



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