Fatca approval recovery

Fatca Agreement reactivation

Rectify Fatca Compliance Anomalies

From the outset Boetie Conseil has advised banks wishing to rectify their Fatca compliance anomalies and regularize their compliance problems.


Fatca Agreement reactivation

Lost of Fatca agreement results in lost of your custodian and depositary accounts. Impossible to make exchange in USD to receive an international payment. swift is closed for you

Intervening on this issue from the outset, we thus own www.fatca.fr

Our strength is to be bankers by training. We therefore know all the practical difficulties that Fatca can pose to you on a daily basis and we also have a solid experience in the field of the anomalies that can be encountered:


Rectify Fatca Anomalies


Agreement terminated

GIIN not requested, deregistered by IRS, wrong category

Annual, periodic and triennial certifications not made, or not accepted by the US tax authorities

Annual reports, files not provided, false or rejected

Segregation of clients to Fatca standards not carried out and not documented

Approval suspended or revoked

COO not up to date

Access to your lost IRS space

Incorrect branch organization

Incomplete training of compliance officers

Customer documentation missing

Unmodified or absent account opening contracts and waivers

Unmodified process


Fatca Agreement reactivation
Fatca Agreement reactivation

The 1500 pages of the Fatca regulations do not make things easy for a simple application. We provide you with a summary to provide you with the useful and essential.

Fatca non-compliance is both a significant financial risk because it isolates you from the market and your colleagues and subjects you to very heavy fines. But it is also a risk in terms of image that your competitors would exploit for their benefit.

To help you avoid or limit heavy IRS fines and no longer be at risk with the IRS, but also with your colleagues, we can resolve these issues on-site at your premises around the world by:

Fatca Agreement reactivation
Forming teams

Fatca Agreement reactivation
Fatca Agreement reactivation

Researching and regularizing all anomalies: Retrieving GIINs, carrying out certifications, calculating reports and sending files, recovering your IRS access ...
Advising you on the most efficient processes, the necessary documentation and generally responding to any specific need on your part

Each bank or insurance has its own peculiarities which will influence the implementation of fatca as well as the processes to be put in place.

We advise you on the different possible options to set up with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Our long experience in Europe as on other continents allows us to respond in the most effective way to all possible scenarios.

We create 2 packs Fatca Confort and Tranquility. We realize with them all the Fatca obligations during a whole year (Certifications, emails, calculation and send your annual reporting... (Clic to know more)

Our software department can also provide you with a customer database for the specific monitoring of customers and colleagues (nationality, Americanity indices, supply of documentation and its renewal) and especially then automatically determining its Fatca category (FFI, US Person RAH, Dormant, FFINC ...

Do not hesitate to contact us to best define your needs and benefit from a free quot

We also have 8 specialized and independent modules to bring you into Fatca compliance, details of which you will find here. They allow you support, a complement to your search for compliance limited to your strict needs.

Boetie Conseil provide too a seminar specialised for compliance officers of 5 days

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details and so that we can define the most appropriate means of achieving your wishes

Fatca Agreement reactivation