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Boetie Conseil : Training and Consulting on financial matters

welcome to Boetie Conseil website

Boetie Council realizes

  • Seminars mainly on financial and stock market subjets

In all our activities , we have a pragmatic approach based on your needs and your daily practice

« Don’t wait future, prepare it »


Welcome training by boetie conseil
Training by boetie conseil


  • IFU (Imprimé Fiscal Unique)
  • IGA 1
  • Corporate Action
  • Tax Recoveries
  • PEA (Plan d’Epargne en Actions)
  • Qualified Intermediary …

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  • Consultant and Audit

  • Taxation ( Optimization for custodians and process)
  • Compliance ( FATCA and Qualified Intermediary )
  • Optimizing and Securing Corporate ActionsWelcome consultant boetie conseil
  • Optimize all Back-Office processes, customers taxation and reduce risk on corporate action
  • Obtain tax recoveries on dividends …


ome welcome welcome

  • Implementation of FATCA or Qualified Intermediary procedures

  • White-hot audit processes. Control and reorganization. Writing job descriptions and FATCA and QI procedures. Just look at the site www.FATCA.FR …
  • And much more in the securities management in a Back-Office
  • we have created 8 tools to assist you on Fatca


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  • Can you answer to our quiz on FATCA and PEA-PME ?

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