Training price list

Price List

All is included: documentation, copy, of the powerpoints, lunch at Direction Club, coffee break. Begining to 3 persons, you obtain a rebate. Don’t hesitate to call us for an estimate

All our staff is english fluent and the training and powerpoint can be in english

Training themeDuration
(7 hours per day)
Prices (in € and without the VAT 20%)*
Corporate action: fiscality all over the world (1d)11 730*
Training PEA PEA-PME (Plan d'épargne en actions) Opening/ Everyday life/end/Tax calculation (1d)11 730*
Filling an IFU (French tax income form for bank customers) from A to Z Imprimés Fiscaux Uniques 2561 Bis Ter Quater (1d)11 490*
Inherance on a portfolio what to do, how sharing and declare (1d)11 490 *
Define the right tax for each securities and for each owner (french resident or not Expert (2d)22 490*
The right tax for each secuties and each owner (french resident or not) Normal level (1d)11 730 *
Practice of tax reimbursment on dividends (2d)22 950*
Multimarkets Corporate action, specificities and fiscality (2d)22 230*
Corporate Action differences of tax and of execution (2d)22 230*
Corporate action the good pratice, fiabilisation and crisis management (2d) 22 230*
Application software features and needs to improve fiability of corporate action (1d)11 730*
How to be a compliant FFI with Fatca, IGA1, IGA2 and OECD New (1d)11 730*
Fatca : Fatca scope and process modification in France, Treaty IGA 1 and OECD
22 450*
Introduction to Fatca (3 hours)1/2 500*
Insurance and private health insurance: how to be Fatca and OECD compliant (2d)22 450*
Fatca Passthru Payment dividends and fine calculation (1d)11 730*
Fatca and asset management company (1d)11 730*
Compliance Fatca and account opening Dpt (1d)11 730*
Qualified Intermediary the daily job and the annual reporting for a correspondant assistant with the reform (1d)11 730*
Qualified Intermediary expert training for IRS correspondant from A to Z with the reform (2d)22 450*

VAT of 20% for a seminar in France, 0% out of France

Payment before the session else 500€ have to be paid more