They Trust in Us

 They Trust in Us

Actuality of our subjects and quality of our stakeholders led international financial institutions to take advantage of our training seminars. Some bankers have even traveled from abroad to attend our seminars. (even if we practise in all europe)Ils nous ont fait confiance They Trust in

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Boetie Council enables you with the best training and seminars to remain the most efficient and effective response to the continuing evolution of our economic and regulatory environment.

Training is the most profitable investment for a company

« Future is not expected, it is preparing « Seneca »

We follow your news thus we own the site because this issue has sensitized us from the beginning

All our trainings are eligible for DIF and CIF

Boetie Council is a training organization registered under No. 11 91 06746 91 from the Prefect of the Region Ile de France

Declaration C.N.I.L number 1485853

We were able, in a quality and customized training, attracting a clientele of financial institutions on current quality and technical subjects

Our goal is to provide concrete answers to practical questions. Our courses and seminars are illustrated with exercises and examples from your daily practice and current events

Boetie Council SARL Capital 26 190 EUR 7519 978 754 RCS EVRY

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They Trust in Us


All our employees are bound by a confidentiality clause


Training organization registered under No. 11 91 06746 91 from the Prefect of the Ile de France Region

(This registration does not constitute approval by the State)

Headquartered Hamlet Gillevoisin 32 Bis Rue de Janville 91510 Janville on Juine

Declaration C.N.I.L number 1485853


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They Trust in Us

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